The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is a revolutionary organization committed to the principles and aims of the New Afrikan Independence Movement, namely land and nationhood, self-defense, socialism/anti-imperialism, and collective leadership and these principles guide our national work. 

MXGM Manuals


The Jackson-Kush Plan: The Struggle for Black Self-Determination and Economic Democracy

The Jackson–Kush or J–K Plan is an initiative to build a base of autonomous power in Mississippi concentrated in Jackson and the eastern Black Belt portions of the state that can serve as a catalyst for the attainment of Black self-determination and the democratic transformation of the economy.


Let Your Motto Be Resistance: A Handbook on Organizing New Afrikan and Oppressed Communities for Self-Defense

The concrete information in this Handbook will help to organize Self-Defense Networks that have the capacity to challenge the containment strategies of the police and other government agencies and to transform our communities and the world by positively redirecting the political focus and energy of our youth.